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Cedar shake roofing is a way of enhancing your roof with a new appearance. If you are looking to add a custom or rustic look to your home, this may be the best option for you. Cedar roofing comes in a variety of shades including amber, deep red, stunning gold, and rich brown. It is a natural wood that makes a great roofing material. Not only is this material appealing to look at, but it also has a variety of benefits. Cedar shakes are available in different styles including shingles, hip, ridge units, and shake formats which work for any type of homeowner. If you are just finding out about cedar roofing there are a few amazing benefits as to why you should buy it, which our team has compiled for you below.

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Naturally Resilient

Cedar is a roofing material that is naturally resistant to insect damage, moisture, harsh winds, and the sun’s harsh UV rays. This makes cedar shake roofing an extremely adaptable material for a wide array of different environmental situations. Another reason cedar is a popular roofing material is that they are resistant to moss growth compared to other materials that are commonly used. In addition, they can also be factory-treated to add fungus and fire resistance and to boost the natural resistance to moss growth and insects.

Stability in Humidity

Cedar shanks are extremely resilient to humidity, and they maintain their shape and dimensions even under the most humid areas. Cedar has a low density and minimal shrinkage which is great for humid areas and makes it a good long-lasting roofing solution.

Strong & Durable

Cedar is one of the strongest types of wood in the world. This makes it a great option for roofing material. Due to this material’s great durability, cedar roofing also improves the structural integrity of your roof. Unlike other materials, cedar does not just sit on top of the home, it helps improves the durability of the home.

Easy Installation

Cedar roofing comes in lightweight and long planks that have straight grain and a uniform texture. This makes cedar easier to cut to the proper size and put into place. Hip and ridge units are also assembled prior to shipping to add further convenience to the project. This helps give a tasteful finishing touch to the roof’s appearance. A wide variety of finishes from paints, solid coatings, stains, and oils can easily be applied to the cedar roof, giving you a variety of options.

No matter if you choose a cedar shake or shingle, this material presents a beautiful, durable, and efficient option for homeowners. If you are interested in having a cedar shake roof installed onto your home, let our team know. We are here to guide you through the process and help you find the cedar roof that is the best for your home or business.  

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