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The roof is among the most valuable piece of your home; however, it can cost a lot to put up. This is because it plays an important role in the security and safety of your home, giving you all of the defense against a variety of natural elements like hail, heat, and snow. Since it is constantly exposed to the elements, your roof can begin to deteriorate and become damaged. When severe weather happens, it may cause unforeseeable damage to your roof. Filing a roof replacement insurance claim may be the only chance that you can take care of any needed renovations or repairs, especially after water damage, or a big storm. Here are some tips we have compiled to help you with filing for a roof replacement insurance claim.

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  1. Consider What Your Policy Covers
    It is important that before you file a roof replacement claim, you should take into consideration your homeowner’s insurance policy. This is because the conditions and terms can vary from one provider to the other. For some, their policy may not cover repairs on a roof that is older than 10 years. Others may be specific as to what causes the damage. This is why seeing what your policy covers is vitally important.
  1. Consider An Inspection Immediately
    Once the damage has occurred to your roof, check to see the extent of the damage. Some damages may be more obvious; however, a professional inspection is crucial. This may be a requirement of your insurance company. However, having a professional inspection performed is important because they will be able to not only spot the damage you can see but also find any hidden damages that you may not know about.
  1. Document the Damages
    It is crucial that when you are filing a roof repair or replacement claim, you need to submit a well-written explanation of all that needs to be done. This also goes along with the cost estimated. Insurance companies will need to know the exact cause of the damage and will need to see proof that the damages have happened. This is why it is imperative to have some pictorial evidence of your roof’s current situation as well as how it looked before the damage occurred.
  1. Contact the Insurance Company
    Contacting your insurance provider is one of the most important things and should be done as soon as the damage occurs. No matter who your provider is, you should contact your provider to let them know what has happened. You also may be required to submit the results from the inspection that you had done as well as send them the pictures that you took of the damage.
  1. Chose an Expert with Insurance Claims Experience
    Assuming that it all goes well, you should then be given the funds to cover the replacement or all of the repairs. Before you choose your roofing contractor, make sure that they are insured and licensed. This way you can make sure that you are getting maximum reimbursement for your replacement. Our team at D/Knows Exterior Construction understands how to work with roofing insurance claims. Let our team take the stress off of your hands, and help you with the insurance claims process.
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