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Benefits of Working with a Licensed Roofing Contractor

Roof replacement and new construction projects both involve you replacing your home’s roof. A replacement is done on a structure that already exists and is done by doing a tear-off, where your roofer completely removes the old roofing materials before they install the new roof. 

New construction projects involve designing and building a roof for a new building. When you are having your home built, you will need roofing services contractors to install the new roof’s framework, underlayment, and coverings.

What Should Your Expect During an Installation

The new roof construction process begins with a comprehensive inspection of the current building structure, commonly referred to as the envelope. Your contractor will thoroughly examine the structure to assess the roof system that is planned and to determine the perfect type of insulation, deck, membrane, and roofing materials for your roof. They then will evaluate the conditions that your new roof will need to withstand to create the best roofing solution for your home. An experienced roofer will suggest roofing materials that are ideal for your location and climate.

After the inspection, the roofer will use the findings to design a roofing system that meets your slope, insulation, and performance requirements. With the right information, your contractor should be able to provide you with a long-lasting and energy-efficient system.

Once your roofer has finished designing the proposal for your roof, they will include a detailed description of your project and a comprehensive list including the projected cost, timeline, installation methods, system details, information about the company, as well as how the roof can affect your energy bills.  Once you approve the proposal, the installation of your roof will follow. Following the installation, your roofing services contractor should conduct a final inspection of your new roof and answer any questions that you may have.

Things to Consider

When you are constructing a new residential or commercial building, it takes a lot of consultations, decision-making, planning, and research with a variety of contractors. When you are planning your project, start by researching the best roofing materials and construction for your area. Compare the pros and cons to help you determine which is best. This can include considering the style, maintenance needs, color, and quality of the roofing materials. Your building’s roof should complement the architectural design. This is why it is vital that you hire a professional roofing contractor for your roofing projects as they will be able to assist you in selecting the roofing products that meet your needs, preferences, and budget.

Keep in mind that new roofing construction requires inspections and permits. Many first-time building homeowners may not be familiar with this process. This is why hiring a professional & experienced roofing services company can make getting the needed permits and inspections a lot easier.

Making the Most Out of Your New Roofing Construction Project

Know Your Options

While asphalt is a popular type of roofing material, it is not the only option that you have. Many different roofing materials are available for both residential and commercial uses. This includes metal roofing, as this is an increasingly popular choice. Metal roofing is available in a wide array of colors, styles, and textures. It also is known to be sustainable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. If installed properly and maintained, metal roofing can last decades.

Another popular roofing material is single-ply membranes. They are easy to install and are available in a variety of UV and chemical resistance levels. They can also be manufactured in almost any color that you can think of, which gives you a ton of flexibility with the design.

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Consider the Energy Efficiency

A roof that is energy-efficient can help keep your home comfortable no matter the outside temperature. It also can help reduce your energy costs by lower the need for cooling and heating systems. When your consumption of electricity decreases, so does your carbon footprint.

Also, by choosing a lighter-colored roofing system can help reduce the temperature of your roof significantly, which helps extend the overall life of your roof. Metal roofs can come in an assortment of natural metallic finishes as well as granular coated surfaces and oven-baked paint finishes. Asphalt shingles can be made with specially coated granules that are better made for solar reflectance. Also, single-ply membranes can be coated to make them more reflective.

Make sure that you choose the right roofer who understands all of the procedures and steps that go along with a new construction roofing project. Contact our team of professionals at D/Knows Exterior Construction today to see why our customers choose us for their new construction roofing projects.

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