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Re-Roofing Services for the Carlyle, IL & Clinton County, IL Area

The roof is one of the largest, most important investments you will make for your home, and when it is done right, it yields the biggest return on investment. This is why you should not put off a roof replacement. However, when it comes to restoring your roof, you may be wondering if you should undergo a complete roof replacement or re-roof your current roof. Let’s look at why re-roofing may be the best option for you.

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 Doing a complete tear-off can give you a ton of additional benefits that you may not have previously been aware of. Our team at D/Knows Exterior Construction is here to make sure you are away of the benefits of having a tear-off done on your home’s roof.

Why You Should Choose A Tear-Off

Depending on what your roofing warranty is, a tear-off may be stated as the recommended installation method for you. You will need to follow the instructions for the specific manufacturer warranty in order to keep its validity.  Tear-offs are usually required by most building codes, so if you want to avoid getting a heavy fine, doing a tear-off is the best for you. A tear-off also allows roofing companies to have a better look at the places on the roof decking that they may not be able to easily inspect. This assists them with checking for rot, mold, or other damages that can be found. Besides checking for damages on the roof decking, the same can be said for the underlayment which is the material that is directly underneath the shingles. If this part is damaged, it should be replaced before new shingles are put on.

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Benefits of a Complete Tear-Off Roof

  • Gives You A Fresh Start
  • Upgrading Your Roof’s Structure
  • Brand New Look
  • Adding Value to Your Home
  • Easy Maintenance

No matter why you chose to have a tear-off process done for your existing roof, our team at D/Knows Exterior Construction is here to make sure that the process is done quickly & efficiently.

What Exactly is a Tear Off?

When a roof is in need of being replaced, this is either because a part or the entire roof has been damaged or is aged. This could mean something as simple as the paper being worn out, or parts of the roof totally failing.

The tear-off process includes removing the pieces of your roof which need to be replaced. This depends on your roof type and the extent of the damage. Often times the roof is stripped down to the wooden base. On an average tear-off, the work normally takes around a day. This all depends on the size and type of roof that you have.

How is a Tear-Off Done?

Your roofing services contractor will normally schedule the tear-off around the weather and aim for a time where the skies will be clear for a couple of days. The tear-off process is the first thing that needs to be done during the process.  In order to prepare for this process, the roofers start by laying a tarp over your landscaping in order to protect it from any debris coming off the roof. This includes trash such as old tiles, waterproofing, nails, etc. After the tear-off is done, this tarp is taken away.

So if you have minor issues or leaks, a re-roofing may be a perfect solution for you. Especially if you have only one layer of asphalt shingles on your roof. Let our team at D/Knows Exterior Construction help make sure your re-roofing process goes smoothly.

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